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BTTH Tutorial

Battle Trough the Haven is an NFT TCG game based on the story of martial arts. Perfectly combining NFT to integrate the revenue farming of games and DeFi, allowing players to obtain rich on-chain revenues while playing games and entertainment. The total amount of DPCQ issued is 210 million, card output accounts for 60%, clan system 30%, liquidity mining 10%, DPCQ can be used for in-game consumption and game governance.

How to gain huge profits through the BTTH game platform?

I. the card levels of BTTH.

The rarity of heroes is divided into 5 levels and represented by different colors.

They are gray card, purple card, black card, red card, and gold card; red card and gold card can only be obtained through card synthesis!

II. NFT Blind Box System

Players can use DPCQ digital tokens to purchase role blind boxes. DPCQ blind boxes are divided into low-level, intermediate and high-level.

The low-level blind box is priced at 10 DPCQ, and it can be sold out in gray 94%, purple 5%, and black 1%; The intermediate blind box is priced at 100 DPCQ, which can be sold in purple 95% and black 5%; The premium blind box is priced at 1000 DPCQ and can be sold out purple 20% and black 80%.

III. Synthesis system

Players can use multiple identical heroes to upgrade to the next rarity hero, up to a gold card.

The synthesis rate of ten identical cards is 100%

The synthesis rate of nine identical cards is 90%

The synthesis rate of eight identical cards is 80%

The synthesis rate of seven identical cards is 70%

The synthesis rate of six identical cards is 60%

The synthesis rate of five identical cards is 50%

The synthesis rate of four identical cards is 40%

The synthesis rate of three identical cards is 30%

The synthesis rate of two identical cards is 20%

The synthesis rate of a same card is 10%

The synthesis rate will show the probability based on the number of cards.

After the synthesis fails: 50% of DPCQ will be returned immediately, 40% will be returned in 100 days, and the remaining 10% will be destroyed in the black hole.

IV. Card slot level and destruction system

Level 1 grudge requires 100 experience points

Level 2 fighters need 500 experience points

Level 3 Fighter requires 1000 experience points

Level 4 fighting spirit requires 2000 experience points

Level 5 Fighting King requires 4000 experience points

Level 6 Fighting Emperor requires 6000 experience points

Level 7 Fighting Sect requires 8000 experience points

Level 8 Fighting Master requires 10,000 experience points

Level 9 Fighting Saint requires 15,000 experience points

Level 10 Fighting Emperor requires 20,000 experience points

How to gain experience?

Destroy a gray card with an experience value of 100 and a bonus of 10%

Destroy a purple card with an experience value of 1000, and the bonus computing power is 30%

Destroy a black card with an experience value of 10000, and the bonus calculation power is 80%

Destroy two black cards, experience value is 20000, calculation power bonus is 100%.

V. Sect System

BTTH has 28 sects,Players can pledge heroes to increase the hash rate of the sect to upgrade. Joining the sect has five major ranking benefits:

(1) Sovereign: ranked No. 1, exclusive income for 1 person (20%)

(2) Deputy suzerain: Ranked 2-10, 9 people have a weighted average income (20%)

(3) Elders: ranked 11-30, 20 people share the weighted income (20%)

(4) Hall Master: Ranked 31-60, 30 people have a weighted average income (20%)

(5) Disciple: Rank 61-100, weighted average income for 40 people (20%)

The higher the ranking, the more rewards you will get! There is also a calculation bonus:

1. When an individual reaches 10,000 computing power, the sharer will add 5% computing power;

2. Individuals reach 50,000 computing power, sharers add 10% computing power;

3. Individuals reach 100,000 computing power, sharers add 15% computing power;

4. Individuals reach 300,000 computing power, sharers add 25% computing power;

5. Individuals reach 500,000 computing power, and sharers add 30% computing power;

6. Individuals reach 1 million computing power, sharers add 35% computing power;

BTTH NFT Game will undoubtedly become a hot spot for global gamers and capital from all parties to chase.

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