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Image by Fakurian Design
Image by Shubham Dhage


The application layer of NFT-Battle Through Haven is the underlying technical architecture of the TRX TRON application ecosystem. The open-source programmable application layer provides for the establishment of a global digital currency application ecosystem Thanks to the technical guarantee, NFT-Fight Breaking Sky will be the first game application and will be developed in the future and access to more NFT game applications.

BTTH is based on the TRX smart chain, and the genesis block used is based on the TRX network open source agreement Newly created on the basis of blockchain, users can conduct peer-to-peer currency transactions and Instant settlement, easy and convenient conversion of transaction assets (traditional currency, electronic currency, and Other various forms of assets), as simple as sending an email, greatly reducing the cross-border Bank transfers, especially the risks and handling fees in the process of international transfers.

Different from the centralized network model, each node in the DPCQ network has an equal status, and each Nodes have the same network power, and there is no centralized server. Between all nodes Share some computing resources, software or information content through specific software agreements.

The decentralized self-governance model DAO adopted by DPCQ does not need to trust the consensus of the premise The mechanism is naturally determined by the smart contract and balances the value that depends on actual interests, Provide a secure storage environment and one-stop multi-currency storage management service for digital assets.

Game Design

DPCQ-Battle Through Haven is based on the concept of "NFT+DeFi+Game", which can A crypto game that brings real benefits. It is a program developed in Solidity language Centralized GameFi application, the first TRX TRON chain, based on the IP film and television fight to break the sky Man prototype, the game will be launched in major wallets in the form of DAPP, DPCQ-Battle Through Haven has elements of NFT cards, gameplay and DeFi liquidity mining. By upgrading and synthesizing the way to improve combat effectiveness, a business of characters and equipment has been created. Store transactions, LP pledge mining and other on-chain meta-universe games that gain revenue; The game design allows players to open blind boxes, purchase equipment in shops, or auction rooms, etc. Participate in casting. Added familiar equipment, combat power, sect, and card differences Level and other concepts and through the collection of NFT fights to break the role, improve the level of combat, through casting Build, trade, improve synthetic combat power, increase character computing power and quality, and increase the game’s Immersion and satisfaction, while realizing earn while playing. Game equipment Prepare collection fun and interactivity, which will allow everyone to discuss more strategy, such as how to Increase mining income (APY) exchange cards, improve combat effectiveness, liquidity mining, LP mining, auctioning of NFT cards, and even doing business in the game to obtain operating income Beneficial way.

Token System

NFT-BTTH (Digital Token for Battle Through Haven). Game application digital token DPCQ total circulation 210 million pieces, 115 years of mining, used NFT-Consumption and use in the game of Fights Break Sphere, as well as the governance of the game, etc.

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