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Battle Through the Haven is an NFT set card TCG game with a fantasy martial arts story as the background. The perfect integration of game and DeFi revenue farming allows players to obtain rich on-chain revenue while playing games and entertaining.



NFT-Battle Through Haven is an encrypted chain game that integrates "meta universe + NFT card + DeFi + development/management/competition". It is a decentralized GameFi application developed based on the Solidity language. The first TRX chain is based on IP. The prototype of the cultural battle breaks the sky, creating an on-chain meta-universe game that collects blind box opening cards, card store transactions, and card pledge mining to obtain mining revenue. Combining the game content of the blockchain NFT, it creates a A valuable NFT set card TCG game.


Players consume game digital tokens to buy blind box card packs, open the card packs to randomly obtain NFT Fight against the character cards. Through the upgrade of cards, card slots and joining the sect system to Increase the overall experience value, the experience value is used for mining, the higher the total experience value is obtained by mining more rewards.

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 4.18.03 PM.png


There are three types of blind box card packs in the game. Different types of blind box card packs are priced differently. After opening, you will randomly get NFT Fighting Breaker cards with different rarities. For example:

Pricing 10 BTTH (Gray 94%, Purple 5%, Black 1%)

Ordinary Blind Box

Pricing 100 BTTH (Purple 95%, Black 5%)

Intermediate Blind Box

Pricing 1000 BTTH (Purple 20%, Black 80%)

Advanced Blind Box


The NFT card is BTTH Token, and the card rarity is divided into 5 levels with different colors. The color indicates that each level of rarity corresponds to a different experience value, and a total of 30-character materials Kind of, each card has a unique number, which can be inquired by the number. Player Cards can be used for rarity upgrades, combined mining, and release into DPCQ numbers Pass, upgrade card slot experience value, etc. Players can open cards through blind box card packs Upgrade or buy in the trading market to get the NFT cards you want. NFT cards support players Autonomous trading in the trading market.

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