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Section System

Players can join the sect. Fights Break Sphere has 28 major sects. To become the lord, you need to campaign. Only holding 10,000 USDT can create the sect. Becoming the lord has four benefits (100 card packs including 20 ancient cards, 30 purple cards, 50 gray card), then players can pledge heroes to increase the hash-rate of the sect to upgrade.

Join the Section Now

Join the five major benefits of the sect:
the rewards are as follow:


Ranked No. 1, exclusive income for 1 person (20%)

Deputy suzerain:

Ranked 2-10, 9 people weighted average income (20%)


Ranked 11-30, 20 people share the weighted income (20%)

Hall Master:

Ranked 31-60, 30 people have a weighted average income (20%)


Ranked 61-100, weighted average income (20%)

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