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Five Hero Levels

DPCQ heros are DPCQ Tokens, and the hero rarity is divided into 5 levels, represented by different colors. Each level of rarity corresponds to a different spirit ring value (gray hero, purple hero, black hero, red hero, gold hero)


NFT Blind Box


After obtaining DPCQ coins on the exchange, you can use DPCQ coins to purchase character blind box hero packs. There are three types of blind boxes

Pricing 10 BTTH (Gray 94%, Purple 5%, Black 1%)

Ordinary Blind Box

Intermediate Blind Box

Pricing 100 BTTH (Purple 95%, Black 5%)

Advanced Blind Box

Pricing 1000 BTTH (Purple 20%, Black 80%)

Upgrade System-synthesis

Required Heros
1 copies the same
3 copies the same
5 copies the same
8 copies the same
10 copies the same

Grey Hero

Players can use multiple identical heros to upgrade to the next rarity hero. Up to a gold hero can be upgraded. Upgrade to a higher hero to get more ability points (the upgrade probability of each hero is shown on the left)

(The upgrade probability of all cards is the same as the number of cards used)

Materials Needed
Red Card
Same Hero
Gold Card
Black Card
Same Hero
Red Card
Purple Card
Same Hero
Black Card
Grey Card
Same Hero
Purple Card

Synthesis failed:
50% - Return immediately
40% - 100 days refund
10% - Black hole destruction

Card Slot Level

-World Martial Arts Level 10

The Higher the level of experience of a character with high quality, the higher the potential and the degree of cultivation. Players place the acquired NFT heroes in the corresponding card slot for mining.

chart 2_edited.png

Destruction mechanism:
50% - Return immediately
40% - 100 days refund
10% - Black hole destructio

& Destruction

  • Trade: Players can sell and buy NFT heroes in the trading market. The payment digital token is DPCQ. The NFT of the hero character can be obtained by buying blind boxes or trading on the NFT trading market. The value-added potential of rare NFT heroes with higher levels is correspondingly higher to obtain higher value-added investment returns.


  • Destroy: Players can also choose to destroy heroes. After the heroes are destroyed, they will be released according to their rarity, 50%-immediate return, 40%-100 days indirect release, and the remaining 10% will be destroyed

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